I saw a moth on my blanket

in the moonlight of a cold night

Drowsy eyes of mine were ready for a doze

as frenzied work of day made me gross

Suddenly I got up, feeling chocked

I saw myself on closed oval shape;trapped

Quivering hands searched pocket sudden

to take medicine of claustrophobia I suffer

Looked above and saw closed trap breaking

pushed the trap and I started rolling

It broke

Came out and saw, trap was an egg

looked around and saw something shine

Those shines started flying and made light

saw moth coming to me walking with its wings

‘oh poor thing, had a bad childhood

cozz it didn’t get the lessons of flying’

I thought and sighed

Decided to teach him flying lessons

We walked hand in hand (actually wing in hand); amigos

Begin the party………(loud noise around)

Moth amigo stopped and me too

we looked around and saw a graveyard

I got scared, started sweating

felt a warm hug from behind

Felt comfort comfort, I felt comfort

looked behind for source

Crap …..

Saw the source and I peed myself

to be continued